• Joshua Hummel

what is the leaflet?

The Leaflet is a blog dedicated to help us be better.

We can always improve, always do and be better. Better workers, better parents, better employers, better friends. Wherever you are in life, there are ways to be better.

I want to add my little voice to the noisy fray and maybe together we can see some lasting change.

The topics of the Leaflet will be focused on my favorite subjects: the arts, wellness, coffee and tea, family, culture, philosophy, theology, poetry, literature, outdoors, cooking, randomness . . . whatever strikes my fancy I guess.

But the theme of every post will be bettering ourselves. Finding ways to improve.

Please join my journey, because I need this stuff.

The next post is scheduled for Friday, and I have a lot of cool stuff

planned for this year, so stay tuned.


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