I'm delighted that you're considering this consortium. It's going to be a really awesome piece, full of beauty, nuance and energy. Thank you for making this possible.

I can't wait to make music together!

  • Commissioning Fee: $500 per wind ensemble. Participating ensembles will each receive two copies of the score and a set of parts.

  • Payment Deadline: Payment can be made in two installments: $250 at registration, and the remaining $250 due at the delivery date.

  • Duration: 12-15  minutes in three movements.

  • Instrumentation: Standard wind ensemble instrumentation, with solo trumpet of course

  • Difficulty: Grade 4-5

  • Delivery: Please specify on the registration form whether you prefer parts to be mailed or emailed.

  • Performance Exclusivity: Consortium members will have performance exclusivity for two years. After that period, the work will be made available to non-member ensembles.

  • Composer Residency: Josh Hummel very much enjoys meeting you in person and participating in workshops, rehearsals, interviews, lectures, coffee. Interested consortium members can contact Josh individually to discuss availability and negotiate fees and travel expenses.

Here's 80sec of my sound

0:00 - 0:45 - A New Splendor Rises

Hartt Wind Ensemble, Glen Adsit

0:46 - 1:20 - I-77 from The Eisenhower Interstate Highway System

Bob Jones University Wind Ensemble, Dan Turner


5 Wyndemere Rd

Bloomfield, CT 06002


Tel: 860.707.5484

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