I'm delighted that you're considering this consortium. It's going to be a really awesome piece, full of excitement, unearthly harmonies, nuance, and energy.

Thank you for making this possible. I can't wait to make music together!

  • Commissioning Fee: $750 per wind ensemble. Participating ensembles will each receive two copies of the score and a set of parts.

  • Payment Deadline: Payment can be made in two installments: $375 at registration, and the remaining $375 due at the delivery date which is Jan 10, 2021.

  • Duration: 15-20  minutes in 3-5 movements.

  • Instrumentation

    • vocal jazz quintet

    • 2 Flutes

    • 2 Oboes

    • 3 Clarinets in Bb

    • Bass Clarinet

    • 2 Bassoons

    • Alto Sax

    • Tenor Sax

    • Baritone Sax

    • 3 Trumpets in Bb

    • 4 Horns in F

    • 3 Trombones

    • Euphonium

    • Tuba

    • Double Bass

    • Timpani (4)

    • 4 Percussion

  • Difficulty: Grade 4

  • Delivery: Please specify on the registration form whether you prefer parts to be mailed or emailed.

  • Performance Exclusivity: Consortium members will have performance exclusivity for one year. After that period, the work will be made available to non-member ensembles.

  • Highline as Performer: It is our intention that as many consortium premieres as possible feature the NYC-based Highline Vocal Jazz as the "soloists" for the concerto. 

  • Composer and Quintet Residency: Part of the fun in collaborating is meeting and working with directors and ensembles. Highline and Josh Hummel are educators as well as artists and very much enjoy participating in workshops, rehearsals, interviews, lectures, and lots of coffee. Interested consortium members can contact us individually to discuss availability and negotiate fees past the consortium fee.

Have a listen to another Highline video.

These guys rock!!

Here's 80sec of my wind band sound

0:00 - 0:45 - A New Splendor Rises

Hartt Wind Ensemble, Glen Adsit

0:46 - 1:20 - I-77 from The Eisenhower Interstate Highway System

Bob Jones University Wind Ensemble, Dan Turner


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Bloomfield, CT 06002


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