Using the arts, we at New Leaf are on a mission

to inspire people to better themselves,

to expand their minds,

to improve their quality of life,

and to increase the health, capacity and productivity of the whole brain.



A brief look at

the vision and methods

of New Leaf

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LEAF: Lifestyle  Environment  Attitude  Future

We can't reach lasting change until we overhaul our lifestyle. Change has to become a part of life. Envision the future you want, then work to make your lifestyle (the normal, mundane, everyday part of you) match that vision. At New Leaf, we want to make the arts a part of people's everyday. Just like we in wellness push exercise and nutrition for the body, yoga and meditation for the soul, we need the arts for healthy minds.


We can only advance as far as our surroundings allow. You want to be more disciplined and detailed? Clean your desk, get rid of clutter. You want to give your kids more of your focus? Put your phone out of reach, eat meals together. We need to be more intentional about our environment. 

Some quiet, slowness and peace wouldn't be amiss. New Leaf is committed to creating intentional, arts-rich environments over-brimming with creativity and exploding with productivity.


Pick the goal,

envision the future you want, 

then work out a 

lifestyle, environment and attitude

to achieve it.


Pick the goal,

envision the future you want, 

then work out a 

lifestyle, environment and attitude

to achieve it.

We don't buy into the lie that you can do anything you put your mind to if you just believe enough. Achieving our dreams requires the aligning of a lot of factors, many of them quite out of our control. But it is true that we can only reach our goals if we have a proper frame of mind. We at New Leaf firmly believe in positive, optimistic thinking. Not lying to ourselves but cultivating a clear, realistic, informed mind. The arts help clear the mind and foster this empowered frame and attitude.



We invite you to intentionally counter your busyness, to slow down and expand your mind. Let the power of slow, cadenced abstract artwork and music engage your right brain and quiet your left brain.




We are about making the arts part of people's lifestyle by creating a healthy, whole-brain regimen that engages the 
left brain and quiets the right.

The chief method to accomplish this is a collaborative multimedia art form comprising abstract visual art, digital compositing, and original music, never static, but always moving and dynamic, intentionally cadenced for maximal neurological engagement.


This is our core   method. 
These subscriptions are designed to give regular arts breaks to our brains. 
An intentional departure from left-brain tedium and a stimulation of our right brains. Necessary for whole-brain health.

Six-week trial

Half-yr contract

Three-month trial

One-yr subscription

Two-yr subscription

An attempt to make the arts part of people's lifestyle, these methods help bring the arts to you and you to the arts.

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meet artistic director, Joshua Hummel

Composer, hot-beverage snob and aesthetic junkie, Joshua Hummel loves being creative and loves to inspire people with the arts.


The other arm of New Leaf Arts is an award-winning composition studio with over 12 national and international awards.


Additionally, Josh is owned by

his seven-year old son, Sebi,

managed by his lovely wife, Trista, and has had his heart stolen by darling three-year-old, Anya Evangeline. 

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